Our Mission
Andover Center for History & Culture gathers and shares Andover's unique stories
to help build a connected and engaged community.
Preserving the Past     Educating for the Future     Connecting with our Communities
the Past

Every object has a story that can bring people and communities together

“..one girl asked why the soldiers needed gas masks. Before we could say anything, the elderly Veteran turned around and told the girls his story.....about how a gas mask just like this was part of the gear that he carried the day his battalion stormed the beach at Normandy. It was a moment I'll never forget”

– Don
Historical Society Volunteer
for the Future

Through history, students
of all ages learn what it means to be an active citizen

“I discovered that the Shawsheen River was used for recreation many years ago until people started to turn their backs to it. It’s an awesome resource that our town has and I learned that it clearly has potential to become something exciting again."
– Elli
Andover High School Senior
to our Communities

Stories can build bridges
between people, create a sense of place and belonging, and play an important role in community development.  

“It became very apparent that communities that successfully defined themselves as a Place, did so by reflecting on, understanding, and respecting their own position in history.  Where else to turn, but the Andover Historical Society?

– Brian
Community Leader